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Homework Help: It seems so easy but

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    The Question: To lift a patient, four nurses grip the sheet on which the patient is lying and lift upward. If each nurse exerts an upward force of 240N and the patient has an upward acceleration of 0.504m/s^2, what is the weight of the patient?
    Okay so I figure the equation you need to use is F=ma, but you need the weight, not the mass, so I look in my book and find that w=mg. Solving for m, you get m=w/g. Sticking that into F=ma you get F=(w/g)a. Am I right so far?

    So with all that I get w=(F/a)g ...am I right?

    So plugging in the junk (and I'm not so sure about this anyway)... you get w=(240N/0.504m/s^2)(9.8m/s)=4666.67 (not so sure about the label) and that seems to be a little too much for one dude.

    So I guess my questions are: do you have to account for the 4 nurses in any way? Do I have the right idea about plugging the weight equation in? What am I doing wrong? Please point me in the right direction!! -Pam
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    If each nurse exerts 240 N force on the patient what is the total force they exert on the patient? What is the total force acting on the patient?
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