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IT specializations

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    hey .........
    could anyone plz mention the specializations in this major "Information Technology" and are specializations in this field related to chemistry, physics or math
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    no one 2 help ????????
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    You're not really making clear what you are looking for. It seems like specializations in a major would depend on the school, so if that's really what you want to know, you should be looking at the school's bulletin.

    In general, though, I think a school that calls the major "Information Technology" is probably slanted more towards business applications, for example electronic commerce, database management, telecommunications, rather than theoretical and "scientific" aspects of computer science. Of course there are overlaps and exceptions.

    If you're primarily interested in sciences and math, it might make more sense to major in one of those and minor in computer science, or find a school that will let you put together a joint major in math (or physics, chemistry, etc.) AND computer science.
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    no .... actually i meant IT specializations in general .... u have gven some .... and i am sure there are a lot more yet
    thanx anyway
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    Sorry no name, but you're not making any sense.

    - Warren
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