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It tunred off forever?

  1. Aug 2, 2004 #1
    So here's the (potentially serious) problem:

    My iBook turned itself off, and now it won't turn back on again.

    That's the problem. I believe I heard noises from the iBook's Hard Drive while I was watching TV, then about a half hour later when I went to surf the net, the iBook's screen was blank. It was not in sleep mode, it was not hibernating - the thing was turned off.

    So, I figured I accidently did a shut down. I pressed on button, but the iBook stayed off.

    The bottom of the laptop is pretty warm. The battery is completely charged.

    What should I try to do? I'm letting it cool down right now...

    (It's a dual-USB G3 iBook)
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    It may have overheated and gone into thermal protection. The CPU fan may have failed.

    - Warren
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