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Italy vs France

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    Is this too fast, Marlon? :biggrin:

    OK, so it's Italy vs France.

    Who will score first?

    Will it be scoreless and go to OT?

    Will it be a non-zero tie and go to OT?
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    Barring a PK, France will not score.

    Italy to win 1-0 (possibly aet).
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    It's a very tough call. France has a magnificent defence barrier for Italy to try and break it down. It should be a very entertaining match.

    It's personally wrong to guess who's going to win. Both teams have very good chances.
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    Italy will win, before extra time. 2:1

    Italy will turn up for a change, and show the world how excelent they truely are. France will bottle it (Like they almost did against Portugal).

    Thats the likely senario, and the one I want :)

    BUT ZZ could forget that he is at a pensionable age throw his zimmer frame away and play like a football god again, if this happens France may do it, but the probablity of this is between zero and nill and nill just left town! :D

  6. Jul 6, 2006 #5
    I really hope that France will win but that will depend on how devine ZZ will play. France deserves it more because Italy should not have been in the quarter finals anyhow (faul play and bad refereeing).

    But in all honesty, i fear that Italy is indeed going to win the WCup. The two Italians sitting on the desks next to me (actually i sit in between them so you can imagine that we had a lot to talk about, especially because i am a Germany fan. They still tease me with their victory, well that's life no ?) are CONVINCED that Italy will win but they fear Zidane and Ribery.

    We'll see, i will be in France when i see the final.

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    http://img154.imageshack.us/img154/7189/frlarge6ny.gif [Broken]

    Come on France!!!
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    Want to borrow my italy strip?
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    :approve: :approve: :approve:

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    For a flem, thats a big step for you Marlon ;) well done
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    :tongue2: Well, let's just say you won't be too late and your name will always be on the most important thread in this WCup Banter.

    Unfortunately yes

    I don't know, but i DO know who will score the most :tongue2:

    Quite likely, depending on the play of Zidane.

    Haha, like the final of Euro2000... I hope the result will be the same although the match cannot evolve in the same way as back then.

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    Poulet de Bresse!
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    I also hope the Germans stuff everyones least favourite nation...
  14. Jul 6, 2006 #13
    All around my city, there are signs saying "Attention Italians: this is a dive-free zone". Someone was slightly bitter about the Socceroo's WC exit. :biggrin:

    I'm tipping a 2-1 win for France. Italy's been playing pretty well, but they've had some lucky calls...though with the referees this year, it really is anyone's guess.
  15. Jul 6, 2006 #14


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    Trying to find the funny email I got sent of the Portuguese diving team...

    For now, this will do:

    http://img270.imageshack.us/img270/8672/s51portugal2kc.jpg [Broken]
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    I wouldn't have expected either of these teams to make it to the finals.

    I'm thinking Zidane goes out in style with a win for France, but I'm not sure how. No one scores on Italy except for Italy. Surely we can't have a WC final decided by an own goal!

    I say France wins 2-1.
  18. Jul 7, 2006 #17


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    Italy has a strong defense.

    Looking at goals - Italy scored 2 times against Germany in overtime, while France got there only goal from a penalty kick at the goal.

    It would seem Italy has a more likely chance of scoring against France - perhaps Italy (2) to France (1) or perhaps Italy over France (1-0).

    Maybe whoever scores first will win.

    I wonder the game will go to OT?

    We'll have to wait.
  19. Jul 8, 2006 #18
    No comments on Germany-Portugual :frown: ?

    I thought it was a great match. Plenty of fun and fluid play on either side. Germany played a great game, and Oliver Kahn showed that even at the end of his carreer he is still a wonderful goal keeper. I've enjoyed the world cup so far, but I can't help but feeling that Germany-Italy should have been the final, not a semi-final. This being said, I will still be rooting for France tomorrow :smile:

    Alllez les bleus!
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    I thought you were Flemish, but these comments suggest you may be from Liège?
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