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ITER Blanket Design

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    Not sure if applicable here but I was doing some reading on ITER the fusion reactor. I have read about "Test Blanket Modules" being designed by both China and the United States. I understand that these blanket modules will be used to surround the reactor however I was wondering if these test blanket will surround the full reaction or just special sections. For example are these test blanket modules going to completely surround the plasma or are they just special modules for breeding purposes and other modules will surround the bulk of the plasma.

    I couldnt find any info on this any help is much appreciated thanks.
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    Looking back 10 years - US Participation in the ITER Test Blanket Module Program (2003)

    ITER First Plasma was predicted in 2013.

    The objectives of the blanket would be to protect the magnetics and structure from high energy (14.1 MeV) neutrons and to recover as much of the 14.1 MeV (~80 % of the kinetic energy released in dt-fusion) as possible.
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