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Iterative LMMSE channel estimation for LTE/MIMO-OFDM

  1. Apr 7, 2012 #1

    I have the following problem regarding the iterative channel estimation employing LMMSE.

    The channel estimation formula is:



    Rhh - channel autocorrelation matrix of size KxK (K number of subcarriers)

    Xnt,ns - diagonal matrix size Kx, kontaining in its diagonal: pilot symbols, data symbols and zero symbols. nt-Tx antenna index. ns - OFDM symbol index.

    sigma-noise variance

    sum - goes from 1 to Ntx(for the number of Tx antennas)

    Ynr,ns - Rx signal. nr - Rx antenna index.

    Is there any posibility to apply the WOODBURY identity to the H_lmmse,nt,nr,ns, and how can this be done?

    Thanks in advance
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