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It's a conspiracy!

  1. Sep 27, 2011 #1
    Greater forces are toying with my life...or at least, the part of it where I'm supposed to sleep. I don't mind my sleep being a little troubled, that's probably my fault but every freakin' morning, something happens that just *has* to wake me up.

    Today, somebody was looking for my dad but for some god forsaken reason, *screamed out* my name numerous times. Only ten minutes ago, I was half awoken by some little noise, looked at the time - 7:55 - smiled myself back to sleep. It was beautiful. Then, that person ruined it.

    Yesterday, my mother made it a point that she had to do something about the water which was falling from the neighbour's roof onto our's. It's a shame she made a point of it next to my room and not anywhere near my neighbour's.

    On Sunday, because yet again, something got me to wake up after I've had 5-6 hours of sleep, I decided to take a nap. I managed to sleep for ~an hour, then in my dream, somebody was trying to pin me down. I managed to fight the dream off and get up. Turns out I was having a slight cramp in my dream or at least, something that feels like it!

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    I simply don't function well without at least 12 hours sleep which itself is not healthy (but then again I wake up frequently during the night). I hate when it's nearly 7am. I'm like 'can I freeze time and sleep?!' Sadly when I wake up and find it's nearly 7am I find a good cold spot in my bed I don't want to move from.

    Don't seem to be woken up by things though. I just naturally seem to wake up during the night. Maybe, of course, when my dad comes home from work around midnight he might be noisy but he goes to bed after like 30 mins.
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