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It's a girl.

  1. Mar 15, 2009 #1
    I just went down to see my three-week old grand-niece. I have three grand-nephews on my side of the family and at least two on my wife's, she's not sure. This newly discovered particle has the following TOE:
    There are 4 elements, mommy, daddy, food, and sleep. Then there is the quintessential poo.
    There are 3 fundamental forces. Crying which attracts food and mommy, but repels daddy. Smiling, which attacts daddy and sleep. And grimacing which repels poo.
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    You forgot the part about charm....
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    Congrats! I bet she is just ever so cute.
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    Congrats Jimmy!
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    And your analysis of her TOE will be good to keep in mind when I have my girl this summer... particularly that "quintessential poo"!! :rofl:
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    Congrats to you and your family jimmy!

    You've discovered the fifth element! :biggrin:
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    More than once, my friend, much more than once.
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    Ah! So it's renewable or just abundant?! :rofl:
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