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It's a load of gas

  1. Oct 23, 2003 #1

    Ivan Seeking

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    Maybe some cold war secret bubble weapon !
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    Yeah, maybe methane escaping from sea bed.Or other gases.
    Some peeps think Bermuda Triangle 'mysterious disappearence's may be due to this (although that doesn't explain aeroplanes ).
    I'm sure I read something about that in New Scientist maybe last year.
    I'll post again if I find the article ( don't count on it,as I don't know where all my back issues are)
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    In Reply To Tom D

    Well, according to the article, it says that these gas bubbles 'had the potential to cause aircraft to crash'.
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    Yes, I think methane is less dense than air, so airplanes can crash if they suddenly hit a columun of rising gas from the ocean floor.
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