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It's about air resistance

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    Hello Everybody.

    I have a problem.

    I study calculate air throw distance for FANs. How can I calculate it?

    So I have some data below.

    Fan Diameter
    Volumetric flow rate (m^3/h)

    Please send me note or documents If you have any.

    Thanks for your help.
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    I did some internet search and found only this.
    Note that they say the formula is applicable for only "their" fans.

    http://www.hartzellfan.com/getbulletin/series-22t/ [Broken]

    Maybe Ashrae has some info for HVAC systems regarding a single fan.
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    Thanks for your intertest.

    As you motioned that formula given by Hartzellan Co. for only their Fans.

    I try to calculate with Newtons First Laws (Motion in One Dimension or Two Dimension).

    But I need coefficient of friction between air and air.
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