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It's down

  1. Mar 10, 2008 #1
    The overview is down. It fails to fetch the news from an external site. Eventually I managed to access PF through:


    €: I admit, I'm probably not the only one who must have noticed it.

    What I suggest tho, is that you make the overview not rely on the rss feed. Fetch the feed on a regular basis with a cronjob and load the content from your local db, so it will not break the forums, in case the feed is down.
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    Woot, woot! We're back up and running! I can stop squeezing my stress ball now! :biggrin:
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    Thanks to IE7 pro and its automatic refresh ability. :smile:
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    I missed it!! And I have 3 more days of school left!!
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    PF was down? Based on the time of posts here, it coincided with an internet outage on campus here...maybe it was more than just a campus issue (we did have our intranet up, but nobody could access any outside sites).
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    It was only the main page, you could still access all of the forums by using the "forum Jump".
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    So all those pretty new icons couldn't be appreciated?
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