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It's HOT!

  1. Jan 10, 2009 #1
    Man, its the middle of january, and I STILL can't turn my A/C off! It's so hot and muggy, I almost miss the cold. I guess thats New Orleans fer ya'

    Anyone else from the big easy?
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    If you'll pay for the shipping, I'll donate heavy-equipment time to send you as much snow as you want. Just send the trucks.
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    lol, its on the way, buddy!
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    Very cold here.
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    NO!!! the thought of AC... I'm freezing right now and it's snowing outside :(
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    It was a beautiful day here, I went to the coffee shop down the street and did my calculus homework outside!
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    Its going to fall down to around 15F this week around here. Enjoy the good weather if you got it. I personally like the cold, but 15F is pushing it!
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