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Its kinda difficult

  1. Apr 24, 2005 #1
    hey i need help with this its a simul eqn ,here it is ,
    x+y=5,x^x+y^y=31.any help will be appreciated
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    Why do I feel I have seen this before? :rolleyes:


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    can i get a solution plssssssssssssssss
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    This is, after all, the second time you have posted this question: all I can do is give the same answer I did before: from x+ y= 5, y= 5- x so the second equation can be written xx+ (5-x)5-x= 31. That equation cannot be solved (for arbitrary right hand side) by any elementary functions. It is possible that such an equation can be solved by the "Lambert W function".

    However, as was explained the last time this was posted, in this particular problem,
    33+ 22= 31 so x= 3, y= 2 and x= 2, y= 3 are solutions. They are probably the only solutions. It shouldn't be too difficult to check that.
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