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It's May 1st!

  1. May 1, 2004 #1
    And for all of the American high school seniors, that means it's decision day! Final decisions for which college to attend are due May 1st, so by now everybody must know where they're going.

    So where are you going?

    Personally, I'm headed off to Pasadena, CA for four years of pain and suffering at the California Institute of Technology.

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  3. May 1, 2004 #2
    Best of luck, cookiemonster, at Caltech...I'll never forget the incredibly intelligent kid (that's YOU) who saved my dream of being a sonographer...what a good soul you are! So generous with your time and intelligence...I am sure you will be the best and brightest student at Caltech! Just be careful out in the big wide world...
  4. May 1, 2004 #3

    Nice, cookiemonster! Maybe you'll meet my sister while in southern California... :wink: she's going to Stanford, if you were wondering. :biggrin: Giving honor to the family and all that. I can't wait 'till I graduate, it'll be lots of fun!! Have fun down there, and keep on the lookout for redheads!
  5. May 1, 2004 #4
    I find it hard to believe that there's only one senior around...

    Thanks for the vote of confidence, holly! I don't think I'll be the best and brightest there, but I'll still be there! And that has to count for something. =]

    rathma, will-do.

  6. May 1, 2004 #5
    hoho hey cookiemonster good luck
  7. May 1, 2004 #6
    cookiemonster, will you still have time to post on Physics Forums? I heard Caltech is a pretty gruelling experience for most people. Hope that we'll still be seeing you around. Good luck!
  8. May 2, 2004 #7
    I hope I will, recon. But you know, they say you make your own free time there. So I'll still try to get on, but it's not very likely that I'll be as active as I am now. You'll have to say good bye to 10+ post a day...

    And where're all the other seniors? Spit it out!

  9. May 2, 2004 #8
    As long as you know what your priorities are (and come here under the pretence that it will help your grades) you will be able to keep on posting. I am going to Purdue University I know it isn’t the same as Cal Tech but I still manage to find time to kill on the internet. And what better place to spend time online than PF.

    Cookiemonster what are you majoring in?

    Good luck
  10. May 2, 2004 #9
    Well done, Cookie. I hope you will still find time for us on PF after all the book hitting and girl chasing :biggrin: .
  11. May 2, 2004 #10
    I'm sure I'll find time at least the first year. Pass/fail is a wonderful thing, I hear. We'll talk again in a year, though. =]

    Physics, Macgyver. It's reputed to be very difficult... But not as bad as Chemical Engineering.

    But why would I hit my nice books...? That's so mean...

    And where are all the other seniors?! I know you're out there...

  12. May 2, 2004 #11

    Math Is Hard

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    That's great, Cookie Monster. I just heard a physicist from Cal Tech speak yesterday at a UCLA seminar on astronomy. He was talking about his research on Gamma Ray bursts. Gee, I thought all they did was study earthquakes over there at CalTech - who knew??
    Good luck to you!
  13. May 4, 2004 #12
    I'm thinking about going to college in Pomona Polytechnic in Southern California this fall. I heard a girl was abducted there. Very cool.
  14. May 5, 2004 #13
    abducted there? cool? ....
  15. May 5, 2004 #14


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    I was a senior last year, but I'm going into the first year of post secondary - for the second time :biggrin:. I'm taking chemistry at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT). I think that as a result of that, I'll be coming here a lot more. Not to help others or ask questions, but to just read stuff and stay on the ball with math; math is one of those things that will escape you unless you actively try to retain it.
  16. May 5, 2004 #15


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    By aliens...I think.

    Abducted by aliens=cool.
    Abducted by perverts<>cool.

  17. May 5, 2004 #16


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    lol, Pascal is a loser language. The C/C++ way would be perverts != cool :wink:
  18. May 5, 2004 #17


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    Heh. Considering what I've done most of my programming in, I should have written

    (abducted_by_perverts .NE. cool)

  19. May 5, 2004 #18


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    I'll assume it's a joke relating to some old school language.... Fortran?
  20. May 5, 2004 #19


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    Fortran it is. The relators in Fortran were .LT. , .GT., .EQ., .NE., .LE., .GE.

    I always assumed that the whole point of fortran was to maximize the possibility of syntax errors.
  21. May 5, 2004 #20


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    lol no kidding.

    Esperanto never really said who abducted who did he? Maybe he's into perverts though. Perverted women are the best.

    1. A person whose behavior deviates from what is acceptable especially in sexual behavior

    Now compare that with kinky

    1. Informal terms; strikingly unconventional

    And of course as you already know, kinky is better. Therefore, perverts are awesome :biggrin:
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