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It's me

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    Hey, I think I didn't introduce my self to the physics forums, I'm 24 years old, student at my local university (studying master), I was doing a research on the net when I found about this forums.. I really like it, I see many intelligent people through their discussions and answers for questions, and what's noticeable is not only students join here but also all different kinds of people who are interesting in physics …

    Two more things I need to say, one is I totally respect what I learn "physics", some how there happen to be a misunderstanding about this with some of the forums staff – I guess my English didn't help me:confused:- ..... any how I felt not welcome after that epically a number of the staff>>>> from their replays …

    Another thing sorry (?????) for being annoying… you know! – By the way, I got 5/5!-

    OK… this may be a Goodbye thread:frown: or a Hi thread:smile:, it will be up to you. Thanks.
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    I'm sorry if you feel people have been rude.
    It is sometimes difficult to express all the subtleties of a conversation in text, especially if you aren't a professional author and English isn't your first langauge.
    Try writing the question down and reading it back to yourself a few times to see if it makes sense, keep it simple and ask one question at a time. Sometimes this is enough to help you organaise your thoughts and solve the problem yourself.

    Also giving some idea of the level of the answer, are you a school kid or a PhD student will help.

    Other than only posting homework questions in the correct thread there aren't many rules here and we try and help.
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    [PLAIN]http://img104.imageshack.us/img104/9499/welcome38gk.gif [Broken]

    Welcome to PF :biggrin:
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    Chi Meson

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    If you have felt unwelcome, it is because some of us have very good memories. Your initial threads (especially the one under your original name) had a very insulting tone. Perhaps it was a language or cultural difference, but it appears as arrogance and showmanship. The subsequent thread regarding stars was not much better; it was as if you asked "I'm thinking of a color, what is it?" And then you smirked as we tried to figure out what the heck you were talking about.

    If you'd like to get over past mis-steps, a good way is to laugh at yourself a little. If you feel insulted by someone quoting yourself back at you...well, that's a sign that you could lighten up a little.:wink:

    Well that's water under the bridge then? Welcome to PF.
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    I also remember some of these posts, but I agree, it's water under the bridge. Welcome to PF angel!
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