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It's not easy being Green.

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    "[URL [Broken]

    I am so pleased. My greatest PHP app yet! Exceeded 4 kilo-users!

    Your "aura" is your personality type, determined by a questionnaire (think Meyers-Briggs test). Loads of info about what type of person you are.

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    (make sure you use internet explorer for this)

    i'm a lavender. Actually corresponds to my natal (astrology) chart, despite the front page's unfavorable comparison (they actually misinterpreted astrology). Says I'm a dreamer. But I can just as easily be hard working. The only certainty this test can say is that I'm not too concerned with materials or physical aspects of life. I'm not worried about practical concerns.

    These seemed to be in the right vicinity -

    Lavenders see a pattern through space. This means that once they have seen it in their mind's eye, they have no need to reproduce it. In fact, their greatest challenge is to keep working until what they see in their head matches what they are able to reproduce tangibly.

    Emotionally, Lavenders are not available for deep committed relationships with other people. Mates and children need to understand that Lavenders will express their love and caring in an offhand, casual way. (Aquarius Moon, what can I say)

    A Lavender's concept of spirituality is a cross between the mystical, magical fantasy of the Arthurian tales and the utopian futuristic societies of science-fiction stories. Lavenders do not hold themselves hostage to any one set of spiritual beliefs. They freely investigate any notion or concept that captures their interest.

    I wonder how this is scored, I put "sometimes" for about half or more of my answers.
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    Tell me when you make the test available to people who don't want to use IE.
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    your aura is Indigo.

    Indigos are truth-tellers. They are quiet, alert, spiritual, inquisitive, patient, determined, guiltless, stubborn and honest. They can be blunt.

    The reality of our world is a shifting, evolving, dynamic energy field. As part of this ecosystem, humanity is growing and developing. As the needs of the whole shift, changes need to be made in the parts that make up that whole. So it is with the auras. A new color-Indigos emerged, with skills, talents; and physical characteristics significantly different from those of the other colors. At this time, most Indigos are still children or young adults. I see Indigo children as a new color invested with new talents and abilities that will be necessary for our evolution. These children have unique characteristics for which we can only guess the purpose.

    Parents of Indigo children have a special challenge-how to nurture and cultivate their unique children while at the same time helping them exist in the mainstream of contemporary society. The parents of some of these Indigo children will love and support their differences. Other Indigos will not be so lucky. In this chapter, I will be putting forth what I know intuitively about these children.

    The significant thing about Indigos is that they have leadership capabilities unlike those we have heretofore experienced. They understand what it means to be a fully actualized human being without having been taught that concept.

    The most difficult thing for an Indigo to develop is patience and forbearance. Because they seem to have already grasped what it means to be authentic, they have little tolerance for others who struggle with this issue. Indigos are not without compassion. However, their form of compassion is to give other human beings time and space enough to find their own answers, to come to their own resolutions.
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    This thing isn't right at all
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    I am boycotting this thread on the grounds that discriminates against non-IE users (i.e., sentient beings).

    (Also on the grounds that it's a boring waste of time which I never intend to participate in...)
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    I use firefox and it works ok.

    Any how i am red, i will not print all bumpf i am to modest, in macho kind of way :rofl:
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    Hm. Based on your answers, I doesn't seem that far off, but the test isn't always accurate.

    Yomama: your second highest scoring colour was green - the analyst. Maybe that's closer?

    (You can check out all your own stats by following the 'Your Stats' link in the menu. And you can see the overall stats by following the 'All Statistics' link at the bottom of the menu.)
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    Says it supports firefox, but it only works in IE for me.
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    Lavender. This is no surprise.
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    it has me tied between nurturing tan and magenta. its funny, cause basically, they're completely opposite, which really, is about how i am.

    Magentas are jesters. They are zany, spontaneous, offbeat, outrageous, physical, innovative, in the here-and-now, inventors, attention-seekers. Sometimes they're loners.

    Nurturing Tans are the pillars of their community. They are helpers, volunteers, believers in brotherhood, dedicated, tenacious, service-oriented, unselfish, self-effacing, communicative and mental. They can be pedantic

    like they're really contrasting colors, i haven't decided which one i think i am. its hard to pick. i love being involved in my community and i love volunteering and stuff like that so i'm not too surprised by the tan. but i definitely hate to conform, and i'm very rebellious and spontaneous. plus one says i'm selfish, the other says i'm not, and i'm not really sure whether or not i am. i don't wanna pick one, i can't chose.
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    You can review your answers by following the 'Your Stats' link in the menu.

    Funny thing about Magenta - most people want to be a Magenta - spontaneous, non-conforming, seeking the unusual - who would not want to be described this way?

    Do your friends sometimes get embarrassed by your public antics?
    Do you find yourself at odds with them sometimes when you want to have some fun and they don't? Or do you prefer to get everybody in the same thing and move ahead as one? Say, picking a movie or restaurant to go to.
  15. May 4, 2006 #14
    I'm an indigo too.
  16. May 4, 2006 #15
    yeah, i looked at the stats, i didn't know how to read them. on the far right there was a bunch of numbers next to the colors, i didn't know if that was like the final scores kinda thing. but all my numbers were pretty close together anyway.

    anyway, my friends used to get embarrassed, or scared when i did certain things. and yeah, there's plenty of times when i want to go do something no one else does. my mood varies a lot though, so sometimes i'll refuse to conform, and be quite a *****, other times i just do what pleases the most people. soo. ..
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    My stats were pretty uniform too. I was close to indigo, blue, and loving tan, too. Astrology works better IMO.
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    Yeah. Maybe that could be a little more user-friendly...

    The numbers 1 - 98 are your answers to individual questions (if you roll over a bar, you will see the question) each bar represents 1-5.
    The numbers on the right are your tallys for each colour.

    Everybody's scores look like yours. Almost all people will score almost all their colours between 15 and 30.

    Methinks perhaps you are young?

    I find that younger people are harder to "pidgeonhole", as they are still figuring out who they are in relation to the world. Older people tend to settle into a more consistent approach to life.
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