Its not possible to clone people well

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In summary, Warren thinks that it is possible to clone people and that there must be an organization or private person somewhere out there who would pay $100,000 for verification. If Clonaid is debunked, I am sure that would make a lot of people happy. However, he is not interested in doing the verification himself.
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So anyways, I know people think that its *probably* not possible to clone people. Or if it is, that its not possible to clone people well.

There's one company that claims it has cloned people, and that's Clonaid.

What I was thinking is; there must be a group or something- an organization- somewhere out there that would pay $100,000 for a clone to verify Clonaid's claims.

If we could debunk Clonaid, I am sure that would make a lot of people who are skeptical about Clonaid happy.

And if we could verify that Clonaid has Clonaid people then all hell would probably break loose but an entertaining...way lol

Personally, if someody was able to verify that Clonaid had managed to clone people, I would want to know that they had managed to clone people but I wouldn't necessarily want the rest of the world to know that Clonaid had cloned people.

So what I was thinking is:

Id like to verify whether or not Clonaid has cloned people...preferrably without the rest of the world knowing...what sort of organization/private person do you think would want to debunk or verify Clonaids claims?
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Clonaid is a fraudulent organization run by one of the nuttiest religious cults on the planet: the Raelians.

- Warren
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Yep that guys pretty freaky I wouldn't want anything to do with him. I think they claim 18 cloned births now..but of course no one will say where they are because of the media bombardment that would hound them.
If I were going to try and debunk them, I would get a job with them, your only going to find the answers from the inside.
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Well I've talked to them and I've said that I want a clone. Theyve sent me an NDA agreement. I think somebody could debunk them if they paid for a clone and didnt get one or something.

What I am thinking is: I'd like to go all the way with this, see if I can get a clone. But Id need somebody whod pay for the clone- either in return for knowing that they can clone people, or in return for knowing that they can't clone people/debunking the organization(For not providing a clone or whatever)
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I'm assuming they're going to charge you hundreds of thousands of dollars. I don't think anyone here will be interested in financing your social experiment.

- Warren
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I wasnt looking for someone here to finance my "exploration"

I was wondering if someone (here) knew of an organization (like a pro-cloning organization), or private person, that might fund it

I mean there must be a University or something that would pay $100,000 for proof that they've cloned people. And if the University- or whatever- doesn't get the clone in exchange for the money I am sure they could sue Clonaid or something. So is my idea really that bad?

(Not that Clonaid would give a clone to a University. But you see where I am going with this...the University provides the funding...I provide the clone...or something. I am not sure how that would work, but there's got to be a way that they could get their money back/sue Clonaid if a clone wasnt given in exchange for the money.)

(I think though that it would be possible to get the clone FIRST and THEN pay $100,000 for it or whatever. In which case, it doesn't seem like the University (or whoever was paying for it) should worry THAT much about getting ripped off.) (Assuming that the clone could be proved to be a clone. Which it probably could be.)

(Im not saying that the University would have the right to treat the clone as some sort of science experiment. But I don't see why they couldn't do blood tests and stuff on the clone from time to time, to see how healthy it is and stuff. And I am sure theyd want to be able to do that, and maybe theyd want to be able to do that even if it meant theyd have to pay $100,000 to do so.)

you sounded a little angry or something when you said "YOUR social experiment" but maybe you werent? I don't know

Its kinda dads middle name is Warren, (hes a professor of computer science) and your name appears to be Warren
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Maybe I could get proof that they've cloned people without getting a clone first though (I still have to sign the NDA agreements and stuff I haven't done that yet)
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Not that there isn't a very large populus who would probably be willing to put money into some crazy like this, but I highly doubt you will find an institution that will just give you $100,000+ when they just as easily could do it themselves if they thought that there was the slightest chance that this cult deserved the right to the slighest bit of credibility.
Of course it must have come from the alien technology that only the true believers get. :uhh:
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This thread would be more suited for the debunking forum. There is no credible evidence whatsoever that they've cloned anything, let alone a human. They've refused any verification from any outside scientists. For all we know, it could be a front for illegal adoptions or a particularly lusty cult leader who is shirking child support.
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Good point, Moonbear.

- Warren
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E-mail whom ever you get your health care coverage from and tell them you have a scheme to make lots of money and that they would just have to sponsor your request with Clonaid. ;-p

1. Why is it not possible to clone people well?

Cloning humans is a complex and controversial process that has not yet been successfully achieved. There are various scientific, ethical, and technical challenges that make it difficult to clone humans in a way that is safe and reproducible.

2. What are the scientific limitations of cloning humans?

Cloning involves creating an exact genetic copy of an organism. However, humans have a complex genetic makeup with millions of genes and their interactions are not fully understood. This makes it difficult to accurately replicate a person's genetic code.

3. Are there ethical concerns surrounding human cloning?

Yes, there are many ethical concerns surrounding human cloning, including the potential for exploitation and abuse of cloned individuals, the violation of human dignity, and the potential for creating a class of genetically superior humans.

4. Can animals be cloned successfully, but not humans?

Yes, animals have been successfully cloned, such as Dolly the sheep in 1996. However, the cloning process for animals is still not completely reliable and often results in health issues. Additionally, the ethical concerns surrounding human cloning are not a factor with animals.

5. Is there ongoing research and progress in human cloning?

Yes, there is ongoing research and progress in the field of human cloning. Scientists are constantly trying to overcome the challenges and limitations to make human cloning a possibility in the future. However, there are still many ethical and technical hurdles to overcome before it can be considered a safe and viable option.

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