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It's possible to physically construct a 4-d hypercube?

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    It's possible to physically construct a 4-d hypercube?
    I say it because M-theory affirms that there exists 11 dimensions
    And says that there are branes that have 10 dimensions
    Why is not possible to construct a 4d-hypercube?
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    Re: Hypercube

    Yes, I often wonder this, and also since as you know the earth is surrounded by seven crystal spheres (one for the sun, one for the moon, and one more for each of the five planets) I am often asking myself how the angels can get down to earth.

    Perhaps each of the crystal spheres has a little door in it which
    they can use for going in and out. And also I wonder how the Holy Mother could get pregnant when she was still a virgin. It must have to do with M-theory and extra dimensions.
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    Personally i don't think so.
    (As far as i know) human haven't been able to visualize a 4d world till this moment, therefore you can't built a 4d cube (although theoretically it is possible to have a 4d cube).
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    Re: Re: Hypercube

    Have you not heard of artificial insemination?
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    Re: Re: Re: Hypercube

    By way of the extra dimensions!
    I see it all now.
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    meiosis must have been a hoot!
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    Unfortunatly, no. The reason quite simply is that we have no way to move (at will) through any dimensions above the three primary dimensions .. the x,y,z planes ...

    You can however make a physical representation of a hypercude .. this is rather like drawing a cube on piece of paper.

    All you do is make two cubes (tooth picks and blutack work good) and join every corner on the first cube to the corosponding corner on the second cube ... it helps if the cubes overlap each other.

    This is not true .. I have seen several 2d representations of 4d objects modeled on computers.

    As for marcus's comments about crystal spheres,.. well I suspect his brain is one because it clearly has a much higher density than standard brain matter.

    Anyone who doubts there are high dimensions should read Einsteins special theory of relativity, which states the gravity is a dimension and not a force!
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    Heres my favorite internet game http://www1.tip.nl/~t515027/hypercube.html [Broken] . Enjoy
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