It's raining Diamonds hala lu la it's raining diamonds oh and men

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In 7th grade our teacher made one of those scalsitic mags...yea well i rembered dsoemthign form 7th grade finaly and looked it up...if you click me i will kick your butt
Biology news on
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Can you tell me what your on please, cos' I want some of it.
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well i will answer your question first: pot and no you can't have it it's mine

I'm not saying i fully back the idea of it i just thought it was interesting. Is that ok...darn it now if you will excuse me there is a purple elephant/zebra prasing around and asking me to fly with it
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One more reason to go there !

Anyway, is my spaceship fueled up already ?!
Com'mon let's go ! Time is money !
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well if it is true 1 thing is for sure sell your diamonds fast after space travel becomes faster and more effceint diamonds will be worth poopy and poopy will be worth gold

What causes it to rain diamonds?

The phenomenon of raining diamonds on planets such as Jupiter and Saturn is caused by extreme atmospheric pressure and temperature, which compress and heat up carbon-containing molecules, causing them to crystalize into diamonds as they fall through the atmosphere.

How do scientists know it's raining diamonds on these planets?

Scientists have used spectroscopy to detect the presence of carbon in the atmospheres of Jupiter and Saturn, and have also observed lightning on these planets which indicates the presence of carbon in the atmosphere. Additionally, the discovery of diamond rain has been confirmed through laboratory experiments that simulate the extreme conditions found on these planets.

Can we collect and use these diamonds?

Unfortunately, the diamonds formed on Jupiter and Saturn are not suitable for human use due to their small size and high levels of impurities. The atmospheric conditions also make it difficult for us to access and retrieve the diamonds.

Could it rain diamonds on Earth?

The conditions necessary for diamond rain to occur are not present on Earth, so it is highly unlikely that it would ever rain diamonds on our planet.

What other unusual forms of precipitation have been observed in space?

In addition to diamond rain, scientists have also observed sulfur and methane rain on other planets, as well as liquid methane and ethane lakes on Saturn's moon Titan. These unique forms of precipitation add to our understanding of the diverse environments found in our solar system.

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