Its really confusing me alot

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a block of iron defined by parameters mass,volume and density.when volume is doubled,the mass is also doubled;but the density of doubled volume of iron block remains the do you distinguish the parameters mass and density.give any example (may be 2 or 3),so that i can understand well
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The density is the RATIO between mass and volume, [tex]\rho_{1}=\frac{m_{1}}{V_{1}}[/tex]
where [tex]\rho_{1}[/tex] stands for density for the first block, [tex]m_{1},V_{1}[/tex] mass and volume for block 1 respectively.
If we look at a block 2 with twice the mass of block 1, that is [tex]m_{2}= 2m_{1}[/tex], and doubled volume [tex]V_{2}=2V_{1}[/tex], the density of this block is:
that is, the densities of the blocks are equal.
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iam speaking statistically

as per STATISTICAL MECHANICS APPLY UR idea and can u eloborate the physical situation.
thank u

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