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It's so embarassing

  1. Jun 3, 2005 #1
    It's embarassing to be an Australian at the moment.
    I'm not sure if any of you have heard of the Schapelle Corby case, but it's getting beyond ridiculous.
    The majority of Australians support her for no reason at all...including Russel Crowe who said that "Indonesia shouldn't forget that Australia gave it aid after the Tsunami".
    How the hell can this be related to a convicted drug smuggler????
    The main media has taken the side of Corby so now people have just lost their minds. They haven't bothered reading the facts, learning the operation of the Indonesian judicial system or even looked at the dodgy Corby family.
    Indonesians have been accused of being inhumane, stupid and corrupt.
    Even though you couldn't have asked for a more fair trial and lenient sentence by Indonesian standards. She should have got life or the death sentence and all she got is 20 years (this was for smuggling 4 kg of marijuana). I think Australia is backwards with its justice system since it only gave 12 months community service to a school teacher caught with 29 kg. Oh and as soon as the teacher has finished that sentence she gets to carry on teaching 'cause she didn't lose her teaching license.
    If you look at her background and her family's background then you will see that it is more likely that she is guilty than innocent. I'd say that there is maybe a 1% chance that she is actually innocent.
    I'm sorry if this is the wrong section, but I had to vent my anger at how Indonesian's lives are being threatened because people are believing the word of a retired prostitute (practically).
    I can't believe the Prime Minister is also trying to help these people.
    I wouldn't actually care if people did think she was innocent as long as they didn't start threatening others and starting fights.

    Anyways like I said I wasn't sure if this should go in the political section or not so I just posted here.
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    She should have got life or the death sentence and all she got is 20 years (this was for smuggling 4 kg of marijuana).

    um, no.

    Death for smuggling Mary Jane?
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    4 kg. is not enough for life. No amount is enough for life. I think you're overheating.

    This should be moved to politics and world affairs.
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    no what I was saying is that she should have according to Indonesian law.
    I don't think someone deserves death for smuggling marijuana at all.
    I mean I think a couple of years for marijuana is fine, but yes I think that 29 kg of marijuana shouldn't get 12 months community service as it did in Australia.
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    Ok, I understand now, and I agree with you. I'm guessing Indonesia runs on a mix off Islamic and Parlimentary law? I'll check.
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    If you visit another country, you need to know that you will be ruled and judged by there laws. Smuggling drugs is just stupid, and your right, she is very lucky.
    oh, and the Indonesian judiciary is a conventional civil system adapted from the Franco-Dutch model. They even think your innocent, until the evidence makes you guilty. In everything I've read on this trial, I have reached the same conclusion, she did it and must face the punishment of that nation.
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    dude, wtf???

    20 years for 4 kilos of weed?

    are you aussies nuts!!

    Edit: If i was the judge, I wont give her more than 4-5 years in a medium security prison. A 20 year sentence is just as insane and ignorant as that guy that got 35 years for stealing a TV set back in 70's
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    The last time I saw anything, she was pleading innocent, saying she didn't do it. Did she ever change her story?

    When one travels to a different country, you come under their laws. I hate to say it, but she got what she had coming to her.
  10. Jun 3, 2005 #9
    He still smuggled in another country, he knew the punishment would most likely be worse, but he still did it, it's his own fault.
    It was indonesia.
    I agree.
  11. Jun 3, 2005 #10
    In Michigan you can get up to life, for selling or growing large amounts of pot. 4 kg would be considered large. Small amounts will get you a fine slap on the hand.
    If you think thats bad in Nevada, a single seed is a felony, and can get you 4 yrs in jail on the first offence.
  12. Jun 3, 2005 #11


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    Indonesia's drug laws are a lot more strict than I would think reasonable. But it's their country and they have every right to set their laws up to match their cultural beliefs. You have to abide by the laws of the country you're visiting, choose not to visit, or pay the price. She doesn't deserve any sympathy.
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    I agree, it's was an incredibly stupid thing to do and I have no sympathy for the person.
  14. Jun 3, 2005 #13
    That guy had a previous assault conviction, and there was reason to believe, the article said, that he'd assaulted the 87 year old woman from whom he stole the television. For some reason he wasn't charged with the second assault. I'm thinking it may be because the woman was afraid to press that charge. His long sentence for the TV may have been someone's best solution to the fact they couldn't get him for the assault.
  15. Jun 3, 2005 #14
    In malaysia (or singapore) she woulda been hanged.She was lucky she was given 20 years. Drug dealing is a very serious crime around here ( SE Asia).
    15grams of heroin and you're a goner.
  16. Jun 3, 2005 #15
    Regardless of how ridiculous 20 years for smuggling marijuana is, it's hard to take a legal system seriously when they hand this verdict down after sentencing the man who blew up Bali to 2 years.
  17. Jun 3, 2005 #16
    You should not be embarassed of being an Australian. It is a good thing that people are protesting against such extreme harsh, barbaric punishment.
  18. Jun 3, 2005 #17


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    it said he 'roughed her up' - that may mean anything. he certainly didnt rape her. he didnt break her skull or anything - he may be pushed her aside when she got in his face..

    So what? She is old anyway. Why put a man in jail for most of his life for a damn TV set that isnt even worth those 140 something dollars anyway?

    Thats why we have over 2 million people in jail in US today - from things like marijuana posession to burglary. Sure some are there for rape and domestic assault charges - but most of those got a life imprisonment and it is not fair to put a rapist in jail with someone who was classified under 'possession' or even perhaps 'with intent to sell'
  19. Jun 3, 2005 #18
    He had no right to touch one hair on her head. If all he was was a TV thief, he should have bolted as soon as she found him. The effort he put into roughing her up is worth jail time in my book.
    This, I'm afraid, is absolutely the most idiotic thing I've ever heard anyone say at PF.

    Tell me, oh wise judge, at what age do people become exempt from protection against assault?
  20. Jun 3, 2005 #19
    yea i agree with all u guys, i knew she was guilty from the beginning.
    i mean, like if u surf all the time, wouldn't u know how heavy ur surfboard is? and wouldn't u notice if it was 4KG heavier??!! DUH!
    she's so dumb
    and another thing, its just a bit odd how she's been to Bali over like 35 times in only 3 years!!!??? RIDICULOUS! She got what she deserved and was lucky the judges were lenient on her.
  21. Jun 3, 2005 #20
    Funny how in one statement a person can loose their manliness, and turn into some sissy @#&*
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