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It's Summer!

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    I've just finished grade 11 and it's now summer break for me, so I have plenty of time on my hands. I want to review some of the stuff I learned this year in my Physics 111 class and hopefully get ahead on some of the stuff I'll be studying next year. From what I hear, Halliday and Resnick's book is good so I was planning on getting it. I'm wondering how far past https://www.amazon.com/gp/reader/0471232319/ref=sib_dp_pt/103-4077388-9663056#reader-page I can get before I need some grade 12 maths (calculus + whatever), and if I continue past that point do you guys think I should crack down and get a book on calculus or can I get by reading some online courses?

    I hope I posted this in the right spot...
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    Calculus is not as hard as it looks - somewhere on these forums somebody was talking of teaching it to 9-12 year olds!!

    *edit* Also, coming from England I do not know what Grade11 maths involves so I do not know how far into marthematics you are - have you looked at basic number theory, series and the like? Or haven't you started that yet? *edit*

    There are plenty of resources onlin and in books - and of course if you ever need help, just ask here!

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    A classmate of mine in my physics class has a daughter who will be taking calculus when she is like 10 he says. She's already so advanced. It's crazy. As far as I know, he doesn't like force her to do it or anything either.

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    No one knows if the first 9 chapters need calculus?
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    i'm not familiar with halliday, resnik, and walker, but if it's anything like halliday, resnik, and krane, then it uses calculus starting with chapter 2.

    and you probably don't *need* calculus to understand much of the basics (except for, say, finding centers of mass for continuous mass distributions), although i'd recommend knowing calculus as soon as possible, to make the most out of it.

    that's what i did! :tongue2: (except it was for the book by serway, not HRW/K)
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    I need to learn some calculus then! :smile:

    Thank you.
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    You can know about physics without calculus. You can only know physics with calculus. Thats how I see it. I'd say calculus I is easier than algebra 2
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