It's Thesis writing time!

  1. So who else is writing a thesis over the christmas holidays?

    Can anyone help me with this latex problem:
    I'm using \begin{align} and \end{align} for this equation, but it looks ugly...


    How can I fix that first line?
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  3. No thesis, but I'm building a helicopter transmission.
  4. I am engaging in absolutely frivolous activity for the next week at least.
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    You could factor out the common factor for the first three terms in the parenthesis, this would shorten all three lines. Nested parentheses will also be a bit ugly but it should shorten it enough to get the numbering to fit.

    Why is the type face so big?
  6. I'd prefer not to create more brackets. The typeface is 12pt but the pic is enlarged. I'm looking for some latex command that does multi-line alignment (break each equation into two lines).
    {align}, {multline} and {split} don't seem to be nice working functions for this case.
  7. Who are you trying to fool, Renge? [8P]
  8. I'm not writing my thesis, but I am writing my thesis proposal over the holidays. Does that count?
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    I'm not sure about the mutli-line. You could try uniformly inserting some small negative value kern commands to tighten up the spacing enough to get the eqn number to fit.

    Also the genfrac command is pretty flexible you might be able to use it to write the r.h.s of each equation as two lines at full 12pt with a left curly bracket.

    something like:

    [tex] P(\omega_p)=\genfrac{\{}{}{0pt}{0}{3\chi_{111}(|A_{\omega p}|^2A_{\omega p} + 2|A_{\omega s}|^2A_{\omega p}}{\quad \quad + 2|A_{\omega a}|^2A_{\omega p}+ 2A_{\omega p}^*A_{\omega s}A_{\omega a})} [/tex]
    [tex] P(\omega_p)=3\chi_{111}\genfrac{\{}{\}}{0pt}{0}{|A_{\omega p}|^2A_{\omega p} + 2|A_{\omega s}|^2A_{\omega p}+}{ 2|A_{\omega a}|^2A_{\omega p}+ 2A_{\omega p}^*A_{\omega s}A_{\omega a}} [/tex]

    or some variation thereof.
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    try dividing the LHS by [tex] 3\chi_{111} [/tex] to remove it from the RHS.....
  11. Cheers, that works and looks good.
    Merry Christmas all.
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