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ITunes album art

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    This is a pretty specific question, but I figure someone here might know something about it...

    I'm a few weeks away from releasing an album (not here to self advertise, but PM me if you're into mashups/mixes and I can send you a link to my demo (it's free of course) :P), and my friend is working on a cover for the album, so it shows whenever someone puts it on their iPod or whatever. I'm going to export all the tracks in a .rar file and then put it up for download on some free hosting site, and I want to know how exactly to include the album art so it goes directly to iTunes when someone extracts everything from the .rar into a folder and then drags it into their library.

    From what I've been able to guess, you can just include a .jpeg image in the folder with the .mp3 files, and if you drag the whole folder into iTunes it reads the image as the album art. Is this correct? Is there something else I need to do (i.e. something to do with the properties of each individual track)? In addition, is there a specific size that the image needs to be for iTunes to recognize it? I'm totally clueless about this, so if anyone can help at all I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
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    Nice, this looks like it should work. Thanks a lot!
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    glad i could help!
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