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IUPAC names

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    What would be th IUPAC names for these:

    a) CuCl...is it Copper chloride
    c) plumbic iodide....?
    e)NH4ClO....amonium something??
    i) SnH4... tin tetrehydroxide?
    k) KMnO4....?
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    KMnO4 = potassium permanganate
  4. Feb 7, 2005 #3
    c) PbI (Plumbic = Lead, Iodide = Iodine)
  5. Feb 7, 2005 #4
    are the others right?

    is this
    e)NH4ClO....amonium perchlorate
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    a) Not 100% sure but would likely be copper (I) chloride just to be specific.
    e) ammonium hypochlorite
    i) stannane
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    a) can also be called cuprous chloride
  8. Feb 7, 2005 #7
    e)NH4ClO....yes it can also be ammonium perchlorate
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    Thanks I get it now. One other question:

    Whats the formula for stannic bromide? Is stannic a element?
  10. Feb 7, 2005 #9
    Sn 4+ tin(IV) or stannic

    Therefore it would be SnBr4
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    thank you :biggrin:
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    No problem :smile: I hope you understand now.
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    Nope.Tetrahydride of Tin/Stanium.

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    :confused: How'd u get that?
  15. Feb 7, 2005 #14
    I thought it was

    CLO4 Perchlorate
    CLO3 Chlorate
    CLO2 Chlorite
    CLO Hypochlorite

    I haven't taken gen chem in a while, but I thought that per meant "hyper" which indicated an extra oxygen. (-ite indicates one less, and hypo--ite indicates 2 less than orig).

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    Isn't the compound
    [tex] SnH_{4} [/tex]

    If so,then it is TETRA (apud 4 atoms) HIDRIDE (it is a metalic hydride) of TIN/STANIUM.

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    ya i think i get it :redface:
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    That's not correct.The anionic radical [itex] ClO^{-} [/itex] is called HYPOCHLORIDE...

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    Actually, hypochlorite.

    Roxy, I suggest you forget about everything in this thread until you read this : http://www.cofc.edu/~deavorj/101/nomenclature.html [Broken]

    Note that sometimes the cation is refered to by the latinized name indicating element and oxidation state. The common latin names for elements are found here http://www.syvum.com/cgi/online/serve.cgi/squizzes/chem/periodic1b.html

    These names are used usually if an element exhibits multiple oxidation states. In such cases, the suffix -ous indicates the lower oxidation state and -ic refers to the higher one.

    So, iron (II) is ferrous and iron (III) is ferric.
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