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Ivan Seeking aren't you an expert?

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    I just saw a news story about tiny windmill generators and I was wondering if they can pay for themselves yet. I think I remember you saying something about these once, or maybe it was a water wheel. If it was a windmill could you answer a couple questions?
    1.) What is the minimum wind speed needed and what sort of output can you get from one?
    2.) How long do they last and how much do they cost?
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    I remember Ivan talking about a water wheel before. I think Turbo tends to be the self sufficiency expert though.

    I've been meaning to look more into Buckminster Fuller and Dymaxion design. I wonder if its much out of date.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Yes, I think Tribdog is thinking of the Banki crossflow [water] turbine. In either event, I'm not an expert. But for anyone interested, the Banki turbine is rather easy to design and build. And it is very efficient - up to 80%, IIRC - for low- and medium-head applications.

    Wind powered generators are competitive in "wind friendly" areas. As for the specifics, I would have to research the options for any particular application.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    See this thread on aeroturbines.
    System cost $15,000. One has to look at the wind frequency and strength, and turbine performance curve (power/wind speed).

    Also -
    http://www.windpower.org/en/tour/econ/index.htm [Broken]
    Scale/capacity is a key factor.

    http://www.energy.ca.gov/distgen/equipment/wind/cost.html [Broken]
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