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Ivan Seeking, I'm done here.

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    Here's what you said in my other post (I realize that I postd another one like it, but I really took the time and effort to make a long, rational post. Instead of appreciating this (You did mention it is appreciated, but apparently your actions say otherwise) you mention:

    "The next thread like this that you start will be deleted and you will be penalized for annoying behavior.

    Your interest is appreciated but we can't allow wild speculation. The final answer at this time is that we just don't know - nobody does. Many of us hope that such things are possible, including me."

    Several people also said it should not be locked. Annoying behavior for discusisng time travel? We don't know it exists? We don't know we exist, philosphy speaking.

    I really appreciated you before Ivan Seeking, but unfortunately, you're like all the other mentors here. I get a few helpful posts, and then I get flamed. Repeat, rinse, wash, etc.

    You people can't expect me to be some know all person who has a PhD in physics. I simply do not even know all of algebra, geometry, or trig yet, and there's no way I can relate to the majority of these posts (As people don't seem to care to simplify it for me, as I've explained many times, and as there's no need to. People don't care) and unless I know a ton about physics like some of the young members here (This includes the calculus obviously) I will be flamed and belitted.

    I realize I should've PM'd you, but this is getting very annoying and frusterating. I'm done here. This is the most immature forum that I've been to. I've been harassed, insulted, for apparently no reason, even when I make logical posts, and warned for simple trivial things such as posting in the wrong thread on accident. You realize the playstation forums are much more mature than you people? They appreciate my posts, instead of constantly flame me, or say stuff like "You'll be penelaized for posting."

    It's a shame, I don't want to leave here, I like the topics. But I just can't post here without being flamed. And I guarentee you this thread will get deleted, and no one will know i Left. No one cares anyway, ive said this in the past but came back for my passion for knowledge, physics, and philopshy. But from a 17 year old, my passion isn't appreciated since I don't have the deep knowledge of advanced calculus.

    You can tell me this is the best forum for physics, etc. I'm sure there are some smart people here (Indeed, there are) but there are just too many rude people.

    To Ivan Seeking, why don't you delete other peoples threads and warn them or ban them for 'annoying behavior' for stating their opinion (and making 2 threads or whatever) on time travel?

    When I first joined this forum over a year ago, I don't remember it being this way. I put alot of thought into my posts, and instad of being appreciated, its being flamed.

    I'd much rather got to a forum about physics where people dont' know crap but are at least not rude. Even the mentors are rude and condesending.

    I've just tried way too often to please this forum, and worked out long posts, which I put alot of passion into, but again no one cares.

    So goodbye, you don't care anyway. For the people that did me, thank you.
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    This is some heavy duty drama-queenism. Even for a teenager.
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    Isn't this like the 5th time you threatended to leave? Obviously you aren't going to leave... i mean you're still online half an hour after this thread was made... If you have real complaints, talk to a mod.
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    Its the "Live Journal Culture".
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    That's absolutely sad...

    What is it anyways? You don't have any friends in real life that care about you, so you try and get people on the internet to care about you?

    Is that what this is about?

    If you ask me your the immature one. You need to get real and get a life. The internet is not a place to have people care about you. Internet is full of lies and deception. I could as easily go to another forum and pose as a 34 year old Mathematical Genius if I wanted to.

    Internet is not a place to get a life! You should do yourself a favor and get involved with humans personally. Whether it be through working, or reading poems at a place where people get to share their poetry. Or simply getting a nice girlfriend. Obviously you have no idea what life is about which is expected at the age of 17.

    And if your some handicapped person who no one likes in real life.(No offence handicapped people) Then I would think you would be much more smarter then this.(Whereas all handicapped people are genius unless they are handicapped because their thumb got chopped off) Obviously though, you just want attention.
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    I haven't read the threads, but I'd like to say that I appreciate the quality control that the mods exhibit here on PF. If your threads were anything like the perpetual motion threads that I've seen locked, then they probably deserved the locking. It does sound like your early ideas on physics don't fit well with PF, but I'd bet that if you keep studying physics and make it through a BS or higher, that you'll find the PF a great place. The mods aren't being condesending, they're just keeping the quality level high. Having uninformed folks trying to clutter up the forums with perpetual motion threads brings down the usefulness of the forums, IMO.
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    Wait just a darned minute -- does this mean I've been using shampoo wrong my entire life? :rofl: Sorry, I couldn't resist.

    Let me give you some advice about being socially accepted by the scientist types here:

    1) Don't -ever- toot your own horn in public. Not even once. Scientist-types rarely give respect on demand; they'll only respect you when you make it obvious, through words or actions, that you are worthy of respect.

    2) Don't -ever- overstep the bounds of your own knowledge without some kind of preface. Nothing will make scientists lose respect for you more than making truly elementary mistakes, or appearing to pretend to know something you really don't. On the other hand, scientists rarely expect everyone to know everything, or fault anyone for not knowing something.

    3) The best thing you can do on this forum to garner respect is to patiently and correctly answer those students' questions that are within the domain of your expertise. Even if you make only one post a day, if that post is a "thread-ender," a post that so accurately and succinctly resolves every question posed on the thread that no further discussion could possibly be needed, you will be noticed, and you will gain respect.

    4) The second best thing you can do on this forum to garner respect is to ask direct questions which may help fill gaps in your knowledge. If you're learning trig or calculus, for example, ask some questions like "can someone explain to me how the double-angle formula is derived?" or "can anyone explain what dy/dx means?" Again, there's no shame here in not knowing something -- virtually everyone is here both to learn and to teach.

    - Warren
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    This is at least the 15th time we've been through this with QT. People often give him really good advice, yet he ignores it and tries to find a way to make himself feel insulted.
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    Dude, grow up, your 17 :rolleyes: This behaivor is just getting to be sad :uhh:
  11. Jan 12, 2006 #10

    Ivan Seeking

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    Oh my...

    Yes, as PF grows and becomes more sophisticated, if it is to survive, so must S&D. Frankly, in the past I didn't approve of much of the stuff there, but at the time that's where we were and I did my best to help the forum grow. Only now are we getting close to where I had hoped to be long ago.

    I apologize to anyone who is offended but I do my best to walk a narrow line. My goal is to continue to help S&D grow and evolve as an interesting, respectable, and credible forum that everyone can enjoy. Threads intended to complain about how nobody will listen to you are not helping to achieve our goal.

    Also, what you seem to be missing is this: Anyone who has studied physics is well aware of the solutions to GR that suggest that time travel may be possible, but beyond that things get very speculative, very quickly, and we're not here to play guessing games.
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    First things first. I'm 17 to. But guess what? You don't see me writing this post and these are the reasons why

    I can sympathize with this. But, what does this have to do with anything. That just means that you can not argue the points that you belive are true. This shows that your underlying problem is that you do not like to be told taht you are wrong. I have had wrong impressions before as well. And as it is said above. THAT IS FINE. However, when you do not listen to the people who do know the math behind the subject, then you are taking the perfectly excusable offence of not knowing somthing. And turning it into the inexcusable offense of not letting people help you learn.

    Ok, next problem. have you ever stopped anf thought that maybe, just maybe, some of these concepts can't be expressed any other way besides mathamaticly. Because, that is probably part of the problem. The problem is not that people dont care. The problem is that you are unwilling to look at the situation any way but yours.

    So, how can you use these forums?


    • ask more general question on the physics board
    • or ask more specific one on the general math board.
    • You can particiapte in other areas of the forum
    • You can read the threads and take from them what you can
    • OR you can leave and not further your knowledge. Which is your loss. Enjoy your life- with or without PF
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    Ivan Seeking

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    One more thing for perspective here. If you have physics questions then a regular physics forum is the place to get the answer. If you wish to discuss philosophy, we have plenty of excellent forums for that as well. With the exception of unusual stories such as that of Heim, S&D is focused on potentially unexplained phenomena; and we don't have a pseudoscience section. We do address questionable subjects and seemingly wild claims, but all of the rules of scientific inquiry still apply. In many cases we simply survey the information.
  14. Jan 13, 2006 #13
    Well bye then.
    Hope you come back around when you are ready.
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