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I've graduated!

  1. Sep 18, 2006 #1
    It's over! I graduated on Friday. I'm now officially a "licenciaat", i.e. a master in physics. :biggrin:

    It feels weird to be a non-student again. Hopefully this won't last long, I should be getting news about a possible PhD this week.

    You can find a full report of the graduation and the partying thereafter at

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    Congratulations Dimitri!!!!!!!!!

    I don't think there's any question of the PHD. :smile:
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    Congratulations Dimitri!!! :cool:

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    Congratulations man!!!

    I read somewhere else that you are thinking about enrolling in a Ph.d. of Aerospace Eng. I hope you are aware that our studies have nothing to do with string theory or particle physics.
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    Congrats man...Join the club of great Belgian Physicists...

    (jee, suddenly i feel so old)

    The "weirdness" will pass by very fast, trust me...

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    Bravo! Well done!
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    Don't worry, doing an additional master in aerospace engineering was a plan B of mine. Since then however, the master is no longer offered in Belgium (due to strong competion of Delft, in the Netherlands), so it's not really an option anymore.
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    Why not ? You don't wanna go to Delft ? Is there a nice girl waiting for you here in Belgium. I have a friend that studied this aerospace stuff in Delft. It is actually not too difficult. Much more practical than out here in Belgium (i mean the way of learning in general). Conceptually this topic is a lot easier than string theory and your future looks much better. Delft is a very well known school and the guys at that department even achieved a Nature publication in the past few months.

    He even set up his http://www.actiflow.com/index.php?page=peop [Broken] with that university.

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    Congratulations that is very awesome!
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    I can think of a few good reasons not to live in delft, but if the school is as good as Marlon claims I suppose that could counter the extreem bordem of living in a place like that.. :P
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    Buf, watch out. You may ignite my flames with those comments.
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    Congrats, awesome job!
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    congrats man!

    that's awesome
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    Congratulations! I know the weird feeling you speak of but its kind of nice to unwind and have nothing to do for a few days.
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    Oh, Dimitri!!1 That's just the most wonderful news!!1 :approve: I'm SO proud of you. *sniff* Wish I could have been at the party. :biggrin:
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    and may i add he has got some very nice music on his blog site


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    Aha! I knew you'd approve. If you ever get the chance to see Marco Beasley, do so! I've always had a weak spot for baroque/renaissance music, but this was really special. Hard to describe really. Just go see him, you'll understand. :biggrin:
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