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Jackie O tapes - historical account or personal invasion?

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    There have been news reports that private conversations between Jackie Kennedy and Arthur Schlesinger Jr. were recorded shortly after the assassination of President Kennedy. The reports infer that Jackie suspected LBJ of involvement.

    While these are her words, I'm uncertain whether they were emotional utterances or well thought out and supported allegations - the fact that they were private conversations and not meant for public release is obvious. If Jackie wanted to accuse LBJ of something in public - she certainly had access to the world's media.

    Regardless of who authorizes the release - the report indicates Caroline Kennedy has reluctantly agreed to the release - is this information important for the historical record or is it just an invasion of privacy of a person that can no longer defend herself?

    Please don't argue a political perspective or any conspiracy theories. Let's attempt to discuss the privacy issue and the historical significance only.

    Here's a link to one of the many news reports:
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