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Jacobian for multi-variable

  1. Jun 4, 2010 #1

    Assume that I have f(u,v,w,h) du dv dw dh and I need only to change three variables (u, v, w) say to other variables called (s, r, t) and keep h as is it is

    So my question can I write this as

    f(u,v,w,h) du dv dw dh = G(r,s,t,h) J(r,s,t) dr ds dt dh

    where J is jacobian transformation. What is the condition that has to be satisfied?
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    You can always do it (as long as the transformation is nice). If you want to be completely consistent, let h' (new) = h (old) so you will be working with a four variable transformation.
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    Thanks for your reply!
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