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James Bond and Miss Moneypenny

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    I have been trying to figure out this problem for hours now. If I want two bullets discharging from the same rifle to collide in midair with just a change in the angle of elevation. Can you show the time interval needed? I think that this question is interesting enough to be posted. Thanks.

    According to the rules of the forum I will post my own attempts to solve this problem. What I have done so far is write down the projectile motion equations, say that their final position must be equal for a collision to happen and of course the acceleration vectors. These does not seem to be enough. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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    Andrew Mason

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    Hint: The condition for a collision is for position (horizontal and vertical) to be equal for both bullets at the same time. Give us your equations of motion and we'll try to help you.

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    Excellent. I think that I would find this place to be very helpful indeed. By the way, what software do you guys use to post equations on the board? I am thinking of using Maple 10? Or do you guys have a standard? ;p

    By the way, I appreciate the help. The homework has been handed in but I would still like to hear from someone. I am taking 4 physics courses and frankly, I am a little nervous. But if I pass this semester, I am virtually guaranteed to be ok for the rest of the year. This is definitely a critical point for me.. ;p
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    I am going to be posting the equations really soon. Say, is anyone here studying Quantum Mechanics? I am in my introductory course.
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    I guess the equations will have to wait. I am working on my Optics homework and won't be done for a while. It is encouraging that people are finding this thread interesting enough to read it.
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    Forget it. I am so swarmed with work right now I just can't be adamant on solving every question that comes my way.
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