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Japanese animation

  1. Mar 18, 2007 #1
    I used to love to watch japanese animation. I am thinking of downloading some animation series to watch next week. Can anyone recommend some names?
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    Well, what have you already seen?
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    I don t know there names, but i think they were "popular".
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    all the girls look the same except for the blue, pink and green hair, always a clear line with good and evil or else not much of a plot with anime. i'm wanting to see Cardcaptor Sakura, seems interesting.
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    Furuba (Fruits Basket)
    Ouran High School Host Club
    Marmalade Boy
    Lament of the Lamb

    I know that these are anime, but I haven't really seen the episodes. However, I have read the manga.

    Yu Yu Hakusho (anime)
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    My favorite series are:

    Neon Genisis Evangelion
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    absolutly the most popular, translated in 13 languages, is naruto. in U.S. is also the most sold manga.
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    My all time favourite has to be the dragonballz series. The animation is awesome and some of the sagas especially cell and freiza are breathtaking. But I guess pokemon is the most popular and famous Japanese anime creation. Beyblade's also great and so is Cardcaptor Sakura.
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    I rather enjoyed Ranma 1/2.

    The (official English dub of) Samurai Pizza Cats was terrific, but you have to have the right sense of humor to enjoy it, I think.
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    I saw this, and i think they were great. I am looking to find something similar. I like it dark and bloody as hell.
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    Naruto, Hellsing, NGE, all those are "popular" anime that every single Anime freak has watched every episode of, and honestly they really suck.

    Watch Samurai X: Trust and Betrayal.

    Either that or you can go watch Naruto, just be prepared for every second episode to be about one particular character's super emo past and how Naruto can relate to them being cast out by their family and having to live on the street/kill people, how can he relate? Because he was the loner when he was a kid.

    Naruto is pretty much the most selfish character in the world, other then that the show just sucks.

    Edit: Also if you want it bloody then Samurai X: Trust and Betrayal is basically it.

    Edit2: Here is an AMV of Samurai X: Trust and Betrayal

    Edit3: Just a sec, wrong one xD

    Edit4: There we go http://www.spikedhumor.com/articles/67504/Kenshin_O_Fortuna.html [Broken]

    Edit yet again: If you get Samurai X: Trust and Betrayal get the ENGLISH DUB unless you want the Main character to sound like a girl.
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  13. Mar 21, 2007 #12
    There are a lot of different Japanese animations to choose from, depending on what kind of story that piques your interests, below is a list of all the animations
    that I have seen in the past 20 years that I deem is good.

    Mobile Suit Gundam 1 Year War 0079
    Mobile Suit Gundam Z
    Mobile Suit Gundam Char's Counter Attack ( this one is the final battle between Amuro Ray and Char Aznable )
    Mobile Suit Gundam F91
    Mobile Suit Gundam 0080 War in the Pocket ( Side story of the 1 Year War , has a VERY strong anti-war theme )
    Mobile Suit Gundam 8th MS Team
    Mobile Suit Gundam 0083 Stardust Memory
    MSIgloo Apocalypse ( Best CG animated series for Gundam )

    Super Dimensional Fortress Macross
    Southern Cross
    Project Zeomer
    Megazone 23
    God Bless Dancougar
    Anything by Miyatake is good, personal fav is Valley of the Wind and Graveyard of the Fireflies ( I almost burst into tears at the end )
    Bubblegum Crisis
    Neo Genesis Evangelion ( was horrible at the end , but Gainax is re-releasing everything again and tying up the final story )
    Gunbuster 1 & 2 ( Best ending I've seen done by Gainax )
    Blue Submarine No.6
    Battle Fairy Yukikaze
    Legend of the Galaxy Heroes ( Best story that I have ever seen, makes Star Wars look like a 30 sec diaper commercial )
    Getter Robot Series
    Sergeant Frog
    King of Braves GaoGaiGar
    Planetes ( Highly recommended )
    Moonlight Mile ( currently watching this , another highly recommended series )
    Voices from a distant Star
    Serial Experiments Lain
    She, The Ultimate Weapon
    Ghost in the Shell
    One Piece

    The above are just some of the stuff I can think of-hand right now,m have fun looking for them.
  14. Mar 21, 2007 #13
    emmm Full Metal Alchemist is awesome.

    bah, i did not expect anime freaks here...
  15. Mar 21, 2007 #14
    Thanks for reminding me about FMA , although the animation was good, the comic book explored the story much further, lemme add some more titles.

    Stellvia of the Universe
    Area 88
    Shin Megami Tensei
    Sakura Wars
    Records of the Lodoss War ( the OVA series)
  16. Mar 21, 2007 #15
    School Rumble
  17. Mar 22, 2007 #16


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    Ninja Scroll
    Princess Mononoke
    Spirited Away

    Texhnolyze (it's a series, not a movie)
    Wolf Moon (another series, kind of childish, but interesting)
  18. Mar 22, 2007 #17
    I mostly just watch sci-fic anime, which will definetly boosting my interest to study^^, other types of animation I seldom or even dont really bother about it(like naruto, pokemon,...etc)
    So, here are some best animation recommends;
    - EVA
    - Gundam
    - Ghost in the shell
  19. Mar 22, 2007 #18
    Not really what you're looking for but I'd like to say Lain is pretty good. Very surreal.
  20. Mar 24, 2007 #19
    Anyway i don't know why there are some people who who recommend godannar it is a terrible anime.

    Anyway for comedy go for " Ouran High School Host Club"
    There is also the anime " Ghost Hunt" very interesting plot.
    And "Shounen Onmyouji" this is very good also.
    Tenpou Ibun Ayakashi Ayashi, a very good plot and refeshing.
    La_Corda_d'Oro_~Primo_Passo it is on music.
    D.Gray Man like your normal fighting and action anime.

    And those listed above are rather recent animes.

    Hope you will like them
  21. Mar 24, 2007 #20
    I almost forgot,

    Black Blood Brothers is good, very good.

    " Fate/stay night" HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. this is EXTREMELY good.

    KK thats all, and BTW i highly recommend "Ghost Hunt" although the title sounds cliche and stuff, the anime is excelllent
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