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Japanese engineering meets Evo

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    :rofl: They must be reading PF! Still, is it puncture-proof? Otherwise, I think Kurdt still wins the prize with his kevlar bubble-wrap suit. :biggrin:
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    I wonder how much they cost? :uhh:
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    Damn, that's a lot of old people.


    http://www.nurse.or.jp/jna/english/nursing/images/pyramid.jpg [Broken]
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    I saw a thing about Japan's culture and apparently they'll be facing a die out in the next generation because so few young people are having kids in order to pursue their careers.
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    And what the hell ever happened to my idea of a Zorb? Instant rejection?
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    I was wondering the same. Especially considering how often a new one is required :rolleyes:
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    Can you put a price on grandma or grandpa's safety?..............that'll be $800.00 (says the salesman)
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    Perhaps your country or your family is different, that is why you said so.
    I think Japanese people would always try fill up a hole if they digged up something, instead of throwing a big stone to cover it up. It's just a typical model of what human life on earth is supposed to be.
    Social pressure is high over there, if one is still single, he should be advised to pick up wife [first,second or third wife does not matter] or a girlfriend, for his view over the this fact is likely to change over time...
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    Uh, ok...I didn't make this up, theres studies on it. Don't know where you're going with that...
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    http://www.pinktink3.250x.com/products/bubble.htm [Broken]

    These people have the market cornered so far as style goes. Evo can suit up and still be sexy.

    Ummm... there is obscured nudity on that site by the way. Not sure if bubble wrap conceals it well enough for PF standards. :-/
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    Makes me happy! :smile:
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