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Japanese/Korean prostitutes in WWI/WWII

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    I read a novel 2 years ago about a man (Jap/Kor-American) who felt in love with one of those prostitutes when he was in army. It was fictional but there were many women who were forced in prostitution during WWI/WWII in real (for army's motivation), and they have been provided compensation now.

    I was watching an anti-war movie today and remembered that novel. Unfortunately, I forgot the name for them (not prostitutes).

    Does anyone what those prostitutes were called?
    I just don't want to forget them and their stories
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    Definitely not.

    I think Geisha is a very different thing (they aren't even prostitutes)
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    Most were forced into prostitution and couldn't get out even when the Japanese left. I have an older neighbor who was a pilot when we returned to the Philippines.

    He told me many of the women who had been forced to service the Japanese soldiers offered to do the same for the Americans for money.

    They didn't have any choice , it was a matter of survival.
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