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Japanese Megaliths

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    Man made or nature made? What are the implications?

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    I wasn't able to figure out what you're talking about via Google; could you post a link, please?

    In the course of looking, though, I came across this interesting page: "The largest cut-stones of all time" which seems to be well-cited. I find it interesting because I had thought that most of the megaliths of this size were in Egypt, but I guess not.

    It occurs to me that it would be an interesting study to do an economic analysis based on them: to use the various proposed methods for cutting and moving these stones, covert that to something like a Gross Domestic Product, and use that to try to reverse-engineer the population sizes that would have been necessary to support these projects, then correlate that to other methods of estimating population size in each area at the time.
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    There is two ways a monument can end up under water. Either the sea level raises, or then the land descends. There are lot of earth quakes in Japan, so descending land somewhere there doesn't sound impossible to me.
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    Oops, sorry, I have a crappy overactive ad blocker and I couldn't see it at first.

    Interesting. At first I was saying, "I've seen rocks that cleave like that!" but then the camera moved across a 45° angle.

    Possibility #3: it was built by mer-men! Aquaman was actually Japanese!
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    That's a fascinating discovery. I hope there will be a good deal of effort to excavate.
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    First time I saw it, I immediately thought it was just bassalt collums. However, some of the other regular shapes, like the "square-cut" openeing in one video, make me uncertain.

    Sidenote; I was just havign a discussion with someone about whether or not "Intelligent Design Theory" is actual science. This debate about the monolyths came to mind.
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    This changes everything we ever thought!

    There was no Lost Civilisation of Atlantis, there was a Lost Civilisation of Pacifis.
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    I hope they find some tool marks in the stone, othwise it will be claimed as a quirk of nature.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    It is claimed to be a quirk of nature.
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