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News Japanese Military Forces, Did Post-WWII Neuter Them

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    Hello Everyone,

    (Note: I have no discrimination against Japanese or Chinese cultures nor, their nations overall.)

    After the Japanese were defeated in WWII, and the Marshall Plan of reconstruction took hold where American democracy was instilled into them.

    (although it seems the US Coalition went into Iraq and Afganistan without a modern day "Marshall Plan". Maybe if anyone who administered the Marshall Plan is still alive, they should be tapped immediately. Since the US Coalition needs their experience deeply. (the Marshall Plan was also used to reconstruct Western Europe after WWII. Sorry for that blurb i couldn't resist. :devil: )

    Back to topic, after the US drastically redrafted the Japanese former Monarchy, to a form of Democracy. Making their Monarchy more a historical figure head much like that in Great Britain. The Japanese military forces have never seemed to recover to their former prestige (or infamy) pre-WWII.

    Most likely the American forces made sure to heavily restrict Japanese military docrine during the Marshall Plan. That Japan has continued the tradition, until recently where they have once again deployed force to a foreign land. (Iraq) However, this baby step for them has been under the guise of humanitiran support to the US Coalition.

    Besides the 1940's Pacific Theater of WWII with the Allies (including Australia and the British). The Japanese Imperial military forces had been occupying many parts of China and Burma. Their presence in China as occupiers by historical accounts was horrific with numerous inhumane accounts to the civilian populace on a macro scale.

    Jump to modern day and now China itself has the largest modern military force on the planet. With nearly 1 billion troops (perhaps 600 million or so). It now seems the tables have turned in military terms of technology and forces. Where China is uber powerful, and Japan is measely in comparsion militarily.

    Once China reclaims Taiwan as it's break-away province, whether by force or peaceful measures. China with it's long memory may seek eventual retribution against Japan. History may very well repeat itself in the next couple of decades. Where Japan sought control of the Pacific during WWII. It could very well mean China seeking total control of Asia. (Russia included)

    The only and possibly the last safeguard from this occurring is the US, and possibly NATO. (and now EU forces) But, if the US / NATO ever falters in the next few decades expect China to probe it's motives in an aggressive posture. With Japan possibly getting the full hostility due to historical animosity.

    I'm sure the US / NATO have potential contingency plans (Diplomatically & Militarily) if this ever remotely begins to unravel before us in the many years to come.
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    i thought that japan entered some kind of agreement to never again invade another country unless in defence (or something in those lines) and because of this they just do proxy wars, if anything.
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    Please read this: http://www.marshallfoundation.org/about_gcm/marshall_plan.htm [Broken]
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    Atrayo, I'm not sure what your post has to do with the question in the title, but to answer it, as part of the treaty that ended WWII, Japan was forbidden to have any more than a self-defense force. Not sure of the precise structure.
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    Well in comparsion to modern day Germany's military forces, with that of the Japanese military. The Japanese military have demostrated to be very isolationist aka passivifed. German military forces with NATO have deployed to numerous hotspots for humanitirian and UN engagements.

    The Japanese like "russ_waters & devil fire" have stated that peace agreement to end WWII in the Pacific stated pretty much left them in a defence mode. It seems overall that the Japanese military to be very much like a lame duck. So if any hotspot developers in Asia God forbid, the Japanese military doesn't seem capable to withstand or hold it at bay if push comes to shove.

    Also, North Korea has like the second or third largest military in the world. And, they are in dire straits economically besides under a famine with a ruthless despot. That's a receipe for disaster in that part of the world. I just hope that North Korea can go the way of Libya to hand over their nukes. To lift economic sanctions, besides anything else to relive the suffering in that regieme.

    If i recall correctly North Korea has fired test missiles when the South Korean president was elected. That landed in international waters closer to Japan, than South Korea.
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    They signed different treaties. The one the Germans signed wasn't as restrictive, though I don't know the specifics.
    Well, the other side of the coin is that we are charged with their protection.
    I think they also fired one over Japan.
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    The Japanese Constitution doesn't preclude Japan from arming itself with nuclear weapons. I believe the Japanese did a feasibility study years ago and decided not to pursue this course, since it had no available land to do the testing.
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    Hello Russ_watters,

    The same can be stated regarding Taiwan & South Korea. Right now the chinese military are on exercise manuvers on their penisula. Taiwan is doing the same, have recently landed jet-fighters on a high-way. The US naval Pacific fleet is doing exercise's off in International waters.

    The North Koreans have gotten ballsy since a third of the US forces pulled out of the DMZ in South Korea. I suspect as my guess US Brigade that left South Korea can be used for border duty along Iraq borders which are thin. Simultenaously the US has sold South Korea about 11 billion dollars US worth of military equipment to them to upgrade their defenses, that has peeved even more North Korea.

    http://www.cnn.com/2004/WORLD/asiapcf/07/27/northkorea.letter.reut/index.html [Broken]

    The North Korean demand is that the UN pull-out, which isn't going to happen. This is just a tactic by the North Koreans to probe with an unrealistic request what it can shake out of the UN tree.

    The Chess (Go) game continues in Asia.
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