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Homework Help: Java LinkedListNode class

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    [SOLVED] Java LinkedListNode class


    I'm trying to understand a generic linked list...in Java.

    I understand that I should have a LinkedList class containing a Node class.
    The Node class should have an info variable and a link variable.These variables should be accesessed through the .dot operator.

    Now my book has a huge chapter on it,but unfortunately introducing generics and Linked Lists with a million different interfaces isn't much use to a noob.

    My biggest problem seems to be in understanding how a node is inserted in to the list.
    For example the book shows a Node constructor having the following parameters:
    (T elem,LinkedList<T> ptr)...I understand that T can be anything except primitive type parameters.But what I don't understand is in what context will this method be used??

    Most likely we will be required to squash an array of Integer or String values into a linked list...So assuming that I have this : Integer[] anArray={1},{2},{3},{4}
    How would I go about constructing nodes with these values...The constructor has a parameter,LinkedList<T> ptr.Where am I intended to get this reference variable from.

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    I don't know a thing about Java because I prefer C++'s transparency so I'll just say that your assessment of a linked list is accurate. When you implement a linked list, it's important to create a "root" pointer that points to the first element of your list, then use a temp variable to create subsequent nodes by repeated use of the "new" command.
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    I think I just might get it now...
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    Yay!I do...Marked as solved!!
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