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Java Polynomial Plotting

  1. May 19, 2008 #1
    For my basic Java course we have been asked in a project to use a Polynomial class we created, which set up a given polynomial as degrees and coefficients, to then create another class called Polynomial Plotter.
    Basically if a person created a Polynomial object, the Polynomial Plotter would then be able to set this Polynomial object to be plotted.
    What I am stuck on is how to go about using this polynomial object in the Polynomial Plotter class, so that it can be plotted in some manner between a given domain.
    So far we have only really covered fairly simple stuff, but I think I would try to somehow incorporate the SimpleCanvas to draw lines between various x and y co-ords of the given domain by storing these points in an array of sorts, then using a simple loop to draw each line between successive x and y co-ords.
    Any suggestions or help would be appreciated, although to please keep it fairly simple as I'm only doing java for the first time.
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