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Java Question

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    I'm trying to create a sieve (prime sieve). A nice quick simple one using boolean expressions.

    I remember on Visual Basics it began by creating like X number of boolean variables and then sieve them out by classifying them as false... and so on.

    How to a create a large group of boolean variables?

    I think it was something like p(i) and i=X, which X determined how many to create. It was something like this I think.

    So, technically i is like a variable itselt because when I go through the loop, I should be able to go through steps like...

    p(4) = false;
    p(6) = false;
    p(8) = false;

    ... all the way until I reach 2X.

    So, how do you create this variable?

    Thanks, I appreciate it.
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    Create as big of an array as you like.

    int X = 1000 ;

    boolean [] p = new boolean[X];
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    Thanks a lot.

    I'll see how it turns out.
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