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Java Resources

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    A coworker asked me if I had any recommendations for Java learning resources; I thought about it and really didn't have many since my programming life has been an odd mixture of Python, Fortran, and C++. And this got me wondering, does anyone have any good suggestions for Java learning resources (e.g. useful website, really good books, etc)? I'm sure they exist, I've just never really thought about it.
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    Hey atomicpedals.

    How much experience does your coworker have with programming? (Particularly with something like say C++, C#, or say a .NET language or similar to this?)
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    Hey chiro,

    They have at least some experience with C++.
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    If they have enough experience, they could probably almost go straight into the documentation for the libraries or get some kind of reference card for all the standard libraries for the basics like strings, file i/o, and so on. Also they could probably just get a reference card for the standard commands for creating new objects (no pointers in java) and all the rest of it.

    I'd imagine the syntax issues would be taken care of in one or two weeks and the libraries would be very quick because of the C++ training.

    If you can find some kind of reference card like this, I would send them the reference card and they would be up and running pretty quickly. Tell them to think of things like a 'managed C++' environment (If you don't know what this is then google it).

    I know all of the things haven't been covered, but pretty much they will pick up things as they need to and with C++ experience it will be very quick and an easy transition.

    Trust me, it's not as bad as you think going from C++ to Java.
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