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Java web services please help

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    I have an urgent need to learn to gather data using web services in java. I've picked up several books which all seem over my head. Can anyone recommend a stack of books and tell me what order to read them in? Otherwise if anyone can at least tell me what order I should tackle the neccessary topics in it would be a huge help.

    Here is my background:
    in depth knowledge of data structures & algorithms
    very comfortable programming in java or c
    basic understanding of computer architecture
    no knowledge of html, xml, php, python, perl or any of that stuff
    no experience in web programming


    *I just posted this in another section. I'm not trying to abuse this website, I just decided that this section was more appropriate.
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    I deleted your other post. This is probably the best section for your question.

    I don't have any books to recommend pertaining to Java web services- maybe someone will chime in with some suggestions. I would suggest that you keep plowing ahead with the books you have. If there's something you don't understand, post a question here or on the stackoverflow site.

    For web programming, I'd advise getting up to speed on HTML and probably JavaScript, jQuery, and CSS (cascading style sheets), which are used in a lot of web pages.
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    Yeah I suppose I should try diving back in. I'll look into the stuff you mentioned. Thanks.
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