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Jean Baudrillard’s writings

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    Does anyone have any links to interpretations of Jean Baudrillard’s writings?
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    There is Merrin-

    maybe Sokal, and quite a bit was written in the Guardian (esp during the Gulf War), e.g.-

    'Baudrillard, whose simulacrum departed at the age of 77, attracted widespread notoriety for predicting that the first Gulf war, of 1991, would not take place. During the war, he said it was not really taking place. After its conclusion, he announced, imperturbably, that it had not taken place. This prompted some to characterise him as yet another continental philosopher who revelled in a disreputable contempt for truth and reality.

    Yet Baudrillard was pointing out that the war was conducted as a media spectacle. Rehearsed as a wargame or simulation, it was then enacted for the viewing public as a simulation: as a news event, with its paraphernalia of embedded journalists and missile's-eye-view video cameras, it was a videogame. The real violence was thoroughly overwritten by electronic narrative: by simulation.'


    Incidentally, I like this quote, 'The Matrix is surely the kind of film about the matrix that the matrix would have been able to produce.'
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