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Jesuit Education

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    I am wondering if anyone has experience with Physics from a Jesuit school standpoint. My st. louis highschool (I am a senior) is Jesuit, and I love it. The education is great but the price is expensive. I am looking into going to Loyola Chicago for college. They have an interesting program for a degree in Theoretical Physics and Applied Mathematics. I love Chicago and would like to continue a jesuit education sine I have had a great experience so far, but I am wondering if it would be wiser to go to a school such as U-Mo-Rolla, which is well known for engineering and costs much much less.

    So does anyone know about Loyola's or other Jesuit School Physics programs compared to state schools like Rolla?
    Thanks for the help in advance
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    What about SLU? (Saint Louis Universtiy) That's right by you and will more likely give you more financial aid ( from personal experience and friends) than Loyola and I think they may even be cheaper ( have to check that.) Plus they're Jesuit ( said you loved the Jesuit school). Would you by chance go to Desmet? I attend SLU ( originally from Chicago) . It's funny, I know a lot of kids who want to leave chicago and go to stl, while kids from stl wanting to go to chicago. go figure lol
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    According to his previous posts, he goes to SLUH, a school which I happen to be an alumnus of. :) Unfortunately, I'm not a physics major, and I go to a public university, so as much as I would like to, I can't really help you out, mgiddy.
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    Yes infact I do go to SLUH, its an amzing school.
    I haven't looked into SLU much yet, I have been wanting to get out of St. Louis. I know nothing about SLU's physics Dept. Loyola's sounded like it had promissing opputrunities, they offered many different opptions within the physics undergrad major.
    If I went to a state school It'd probably be either Rolla Mizzou or UMSL
    UMSL is very close to my house and that puts me off as well. Yet also Rolla is in a small town with not much to offer but has the reputation of science and engineering. ALl of those schools are much cheaper than Loyola as well. I know I'd be able to continue to play water polo on a club team in Chicago as well as in st. louis or columbia but probably not in Rolla.

    I will look into SLU, any info will be appreciated, thanks for the posts
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