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Jesus in Japan

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    It says the scrolls were probably forged, but it's not an idea that I think would be too popular among present day Christians. Just wondering, have the scrolls ever been published?

    http://abcnews.go.com/sections/world/DailyNews/japan010123_jesus.html [Broken]
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    Not sure whether they are published, but even if they were I couldnt read them
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    Oh, good point.

    I would be interested in what they supposedly said, though.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Are you aware of the "Jesus was in China story"; allegedly from Marco Polo? This supposedly unites Eastern Buddhism and Western Christianity...sort of...if IIRC

    I remember hearing about this but I have never checked into the claims of evidence. If no one else pops in with it I will try to find it later. I have no idea if there is any truth in this claim...I assume that it is nonsense but I don't really know.

    Of course the Latter Day Saints believe that Jesus came to the Americas.
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    I have read the mormon bible some time ago. It would seem that at the time of the tower of Babble, there was a migration of people which came to south america. This of course was unsubstaniated, but may be the truth. I was once reading another article totally unrealated to this subject and it was said that monks which were on an ocean journey landed in the south america sometime around 500 AD and found indians with blue color eyes and lighter hair. They also saw ox and carts which were not supposed to be indiginous to the people or time. It is possible that Jesus came to America after what was his trial on the cross. An idea to prove the migration of people could be to do a gene tree and find the relative migrations of poeple and gene structures. They could do DNA testing from bones of different ages from different relative locations and they would be able to prove the mormon bible if the bones were found.
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