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Jesus the iceman

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    http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20060405/od_nm/science_jesus_dc [Broken]
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    This very intersting.I never thought he would walk on water that way.
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    Well there are multiple translations, he may go off a different one.
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    Sorry, Pengwuino, I deleted my post before I saw yours. After re-reading the article, I saw that Prof. Nof was talking about "a piece of ice", not a completely frozen lake. It's still quite a stretch. And it also feeds on the idea of the Bible as literal truth, something that I think the majority of people don't accept.
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    I think chirstainty is the Majority.
    There's alot of secentific studies done on event in the Bible.For example I saw on TV where they were talking about Jerhico and they said that the histroical it was it was at a location where earthquakes are more likely to happen.
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    The majority of bible historians, believe the bible not to be taken literally. Like revelations for instance, a book that talks of the Apocalypse and judgement day (I'm the Terminator!), was actually a metaphor for the Roman Empire.
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    Atleast not 100% littleraly
    I herd of that before but Reavltions is very hard to understand so I'am not sure.
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    Some of Revelations is literal and other parts symbolic of what was then future events; many people think some of the present occurances is the fullfillment of parts of the Revelations.
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    Pengwuino wrote:

    That's one of the problems with taking the bible as literal truth: Which bible is the true bible?

    scott1 wrote:

    I'm sure there historical elements of the bible that are true, like Jericho, but stories of "miracles" are more acceptable as parables.

    Here's the story as it is in the New American Standard Bible...

    I think if Jesus was on a piece of ice in that wind, he wasn't walking, he was surfing.

    Here's an interpretation of the story as a parable:

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