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Has anyone here ever built a small Jet engine?
Just generally interested in how you did it
and from what parts


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I work with them almost every day. What exactly are you looking for?

The home built models are usually external can burners based on turbochargers. If you do a google search for homebuilt jets you'll find quite a few web pages dedicated to the topic.
My dad and uncle used to build ram jet engines for free flight and u-control models (ahh the 50's and 60's when you could get stuff alot easier). I remember them mentioning something called a dynajet engine (???) for freeflight, u-control and older R/C aricraft? I'm not sure whether googling that will help in the info search though.
i am looking into more of a Shreckling jet engine
as a simpler and smaller beginner project possibly
I am searching for some info on the Treco TG-301-1 jet engine, it was featured in the Feb. 1956 Popular Science magazine, and was a "School Project" engine for machining schools and A & P schools. I found a blurry set of plans on ebay, but was wondering if anyone knew of one, or for it's suitability as an ultralite/experimental power plant.

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