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Homework Help: JFET Amplifier

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    I need help on how to cascade two or three Jfet transistor and the calculation of the values to have a good amount of gain. The cascade also should help in providing good linearity, have less distortion and should stable good stability.Thanks, good help will really be appreciated by me.
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    i mean should have good stability
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    Welcome to the PF.

    What kind of cascading did you have in mind? What are the specs for your overall amplifier? What voltage power supplies do you have available? What is the impedance and characteristics of your signal source, and what is the impedance and character of the load that will be driven by this amplifier.

    Some of the terms you are using (stability, linearity, etc.) imply using negative feedback. Is that part of what you are wanting to do?

    Can you post some examples of multi-staje JFET amps that are similar to what you are wanting to do?
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