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JK Flip Flop Implementation

  1. Feb 24, 2004 #1
    Given the table of a state diagram:

    Code (Text):

    Qpresent | Input | Qnext | Output
    0          0       0       0
    0          1       1       1
    1          0       1       0
    1          1       0       0
    So, output = Qpresent' * Input

    I must use a JK flip flop implementation of all of this. I have to figure out what flip-flop inputs are needed to make the next-state transitions take place. Then I have to put those flip-flop inputs into a Karnaugh map and simplify the algebraic expression. Then I have to draw the circuitry to implement those algebraic expressions. Then I have to repeat the last two steps for the output; which is also a function of the current state and input. Any kind of help appreciated...
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    here is a solution:

    http://flexifirm.tripod.com/JK1.jpg [Broken]
    http://flexifirm.tripod.com/JK2.jpg [Broken]

    take care
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