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Job decision

  1. Sep 27, 2011 #1
    Oks, I've always been a passive reader of forum...Until now =)

    Im a ME student, finishing my 2nd year AND im working 20hours/week at a well renown technology institue at my country. Working only 20hours per week gives enough time to study, so im doing ok.

    Yesterday, another job was offered to me....at another institute more "nuclear energy" oriented (basically i really like everything related to that subject ^^). But its a 40hs/week job.

    PROs of my current job: Great team , lots of time to study, i like my job, learning alot, allows me to finish the career ASAP.

    PROs of the optional job: Great for my CV, also time to study (but not as much as now), i think i could learn a lot.

    Ofc in the second one i get a better pay, but in my mind thats not relevant in this moment of my life. Also, im doing another stuffs, like doing sports, violin lessons, etc...which will be seriouly neglected if i take the other job.

    Ideas, suggestions?
    Btw, im 20 years old.

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    I would probably stick with your current job and continue working part time. It sounds like you have a pretty good gig as it is. Focus on your studies, that's a full time job in itself.
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