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Job in Spintronic

  1. May 24, 2006 #1
    Job in Spintronic!!!

    Hi All,

    Could anyone tell me where can I get a job in the field of Spintronic?
    Is there any web posting any job about that?

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    That's a very small field right now, on the cutting edge of electronics. Few people in world are really qualified for such jobs; if were so qualified, you'd already know where to be looking. Sorry to burst your bubble.

    - Warren
  4. May 26, 2006 #3
    Perhaps I could join in the request by re-defining it:
    could somebody give names and/or places actively researching spintronics?

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    A few that come to mind : the Santa Barbara group under Dave Awschalom, Bob Buhrman's group in Cornell, Stuart Parkin's division at IBM Almaden. Also, the US Govt is very interested in Spintronics - Sam Bader (MSD, Argonne) and Stewart Wolf (NRL/DARPA) are two of the big names in the field.

    Almost all of the above people are physicists.
  6. Jun 2, 2006 #5
    Paul Crowell's group at the U of Minnesota.
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